Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Assist To Succeed located?

West Houston Campus is located at Total Wellness Dental.


Address: 16125 Cairnway Dr. Suite 102 Houston, TX 77084

How long are the classes?

Classes run every Saturday from 8-5pm for 10 weekends. Personal study time during the week is required.

Are books and supplies included in tuition?

Yes! We believe if you pay for tuition there should be no extra charge for anything! Our goal is to make this the greatest educational experience of your life!

How much is the course for dental assistant?

Tuition is $3,325. A low interest payment plan is available. Early sign up discounts are available. Call for details.


Who are the instructors?

The course is directed by currently practicing doctors. Other instructors and teachers aids are experienced dental assistants who have had thousands of hours and years of experience. See the full list here.


What is the training like?

Because dental assisting is a “hands on” work environment, the course work is designed to focus on developing those skills. You’ll get all the experience you need for a fruitful career.

What about Externship?

In order to become fully certified all students must complete a 300 hour externship working in a dental office. The experience may be completed any time during or after course work.

What about my certification?

In Texas, a dental assistant must be licensed in order to complete many of the routine daily tasks required. Upon completion of the course, student will be able to take the Dental Assisting National Board and apply for Texas State Board Dental Assistant License. We will assist you in preparation for this exam.

Is there an age limit?

Anyone who’s at least 18 years old, with good dexterity and general good health can be a dental assistant with the right training.


Can a “front office” dental employee benefit?

Absolutely! The more dental knowledge an employee has the more valuable they become! Imagine having the flexibility to do everything in a dental office!